Bartending Schools Exposed.

So you want to go to bartending school – we are going to make this short and sweet.  Don’t! Why? Here are the top 3 reasons you should not go to bartending school.

Top 3 reasons you should not go to bartending school

  1. Expensive, around $500.00 or more!!!
  2. You have to drive far to get there.
  3. You only learn a few drink recipes that you could learn here.

So how does one get into bartending you ask? Simple – LearnBartending.com

I’m Robbie Flair – founder of LearnBartending.com – also a world ranking flair bartender – I’ve been bartending for over 22 years – I went to a bartending school, and even taught in a bartending school. – with that said – I am against it because of my new LearnBartending.com program.

If you are serious about getting a job in the bar industry and want to skip the BS than this program is for you.

How it works is simple, you learn most of everything you need to know online, from the convenience of your own home or wherever – it’s 25 lessons from opening to closing procedures – everything you need to become a professional bartender is included. Any questions ask me!

So, you learn everything online and take the test to prove your bar knowledge – this demonstrates you have the basic foundation and allows you to move on to the internship – see we can’t send our bar partners bartenders who don’t know the course material – it’s a pre-requisite.

Next, after you have passed the online test – you are eligible to intern at a real bar. We place you into one of our partner bars for real-world – hands-on experience – don’t worry one of the existing bartenders is there to make it a smooth transition and will be right there to assist you if you get stuck.

The reason you need this is that many bars out there only hire bartenders with experience – well now you qualify!

Robbie Flair on the Dr Oz showing him some heart-smart cocktails – bartending has given me many unique opportunities like this and I hope it opens some great doors for you too!

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