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Learn Bartending Online!

Learn bartending from the convenience of your own home by first taking the online bartending course (21 lessons, with testing and 200+ instructional videos) Let employers know you are serious by applying with a responsible server certificate in hand!
  • Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Certification.
  • Learn everything from opening the bar - til last call and closing the bar and everything in between.
  • Learn to earn student POV videos - This is the bartending training course you've been looking for!

Our Features

Live Chat Support

Chat with a real live person during normal business hours.


Real bar experience. Bars want experienced bartenders.

Shine Bright

Apply with confidence, show up prepared with all this knowledge at your fingertips!

Life of the Party

Be the life of the party when you transform from a wanna be to a rockstar bartender.

Job Placement

Network with real bar owners and managers, get connected to bars and restaurants.

As A New Bartender

You must Learn this and much more...

Bartending School Learn how to Strain your drinks

Strain Drink

Bartending and knowing your Glassware


The right Vessel!
Splitting Tips With Other Bartenders

Splitting Tips

Bartending Etiquette
Bartending Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Must Know
Manhatten Cocktail

Drink Ingredients

Repetition is key!
bartending free pour

Free Pour

Technical Skill
Garnish Prep

Garnish Prep

Essential Skill
Shake Cocktail Flavors

Bartender Shake


Instructional Videos


Bartending Lessons


Training Days


Love of Bartending

What to expect

Online Bartending Boot Camp

  • Day 1 1 Begin Course
  • Day 2 2 Online Learning
  • Day 3 3 Online Learning
  • Day 4 4 Online Certificate

Day 1
Online Bartending Course
Begin Online Learning
21 Lessons, 200 + Videos, Lesson Exams

Lessons 1-7

You will go over Geting to know the work space, back of house, office, bartending tools, workstation tools, food service items, and glassware.

Day 2
Bartending Opening Shift
Continued Online Learning
Online lessons 8-14

Lessons 8-14

Soda gun mixers, Shelf mixers, Preparing for the shift, Opening Duties and setting up your workstation, Closing Duties and cleaning - Prepping for the next day, Granish Preperation, and Free Pouring and Measuring Portions!

Day 3
Bartending Closing Shift
Wrap up Online Learning
Online Lessons 14-21

Lessons 14-21

Free Pouring and Measuring Portions, Mixing Methods, Spirits Knowledge, Highballs the drinks ordered 90% of the time, Shots and Shooters - Must know drinks for the volume bartender, Short Drinks, Tall Drinks, and Martinis and Manhattans.

Day 4
Real World Bartending Shift
Alcohol Seller/Server Certification
Responsible Serving

Where State Approved

Search by zip and join the course for the state you wish to bartend, the appropriate course will be offered for that state. Responsible alcohol server training is a must. It lets the potential employer know you are a responsible server and a good candiate for hire!
Learn to earn!

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Online Bartending Course Now Only


  • State Approved Alcohol Seller Server Certificate
  • 21 lesson Online Bartending Course
WE’RE Raising the BAR!

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Why Choose LearnBartending?

I want you to Learn Bartending here. Our founder is arguably one of the best bartenders in the country, so if you are going to Learn Bartending, you might as well learn from the best in the business. As you will soon find out there is a lot more to being a great bartender than just memorizing a few drink recipes.

We take you from zero to hero and give you the confidence to command the bar and give premium service to customers!
  • Convenient Self Paced Online Bartending Course.
  • Content broken up in 4 days for ideal learning.
  • Cheaper than legacy bartending schools.
  • Expert-created content and resources

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