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Bartenders are in high demand in FREEDOM NY!

Enroll in our bartending course and earn your Alcohol Seller/Server Permit today!

Having your alcohol seller/server certificate will increase your chances of getting hired for a high paying bartending job.

The Learn bartending course teaches you all the foundational and essential bartender skills that you will need so you can get a job as professional bartender.

This course also teaches and certifies you as a responsible server. You will apply and give the hiring manager / bar owner confidence in knowing you are prepared and ready to start bartending responsibly on day 1!
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The learn bartending course is 21 lessons packed with useful bartender tips and tricks and how to videos. Each lesson with about 10 sections per lesson. Watch over 200 POV real-world bartending video tutorials, Robbie Flair is your instructor who has over 25 years of professional bartending experience. This bartending course has it all - from opening the bar, to properly closing the bar down - last call for alcohol!

Bartending Is Fun, Easy, and Pays well! Anyone can Learn Bartending.

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As you will see bartending is more than just memorizing a few drink recipes...

Learn Bartending from the convenience of your own home.

Everything you need to know to get a high paying bartending job near FREEDOM NY is included in this 21 lesson online bartending course.

Enroll in this bartending course and learn bartending so you can serve real drinks, to real customers and earn real cash tomorrow! Click the red Enroll Now Icon in the main menu to get started today!

Bars and restaurants are hiring bartenders, but prefer to hire those people who are self starters like you! The fact that you are on this page is an indication that you are seeking the knowledge that bars prefer you already have. When you have your interview and you discuss that you took this course and already have your alcohol seller server permit in hand, you set yourself apart from the other bartenders that need hand holding and to be taught everything you already know...

"I can teach anyone to pour a 1oz shot"

But don't take our word for it - watch the video below - A real bar manager explains what bar managers and owners want to see from their new bartenders! This course prepares you for the interview process and the bartending job!

bartending student testimonial
Bri Brown
"The online bartending course was very convenient and easy to do, the hiring manager said they hired me because they knew I already had a lot of knowledge, and they could show me the rest." - Bri
  • Online learning offer Self paced learning to go as fast or take as much time as you need.

  • Practical Hands-On Bartending Training Videos at a real Bar.

  Chat support is available at the bottom of each page for members should you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

New York Liquor Authority Division Alcohol Beverage Control
80 S Swan St Suite 900
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: 518-474-3114
NY Legal Age to Consume: 21
NY Legal Age to Serve: 18
NY Legal Age to Pour: 18

Voluntary The state does not require alcohol server training but there may be perks for going through approved alcohol server training

Additional Info: New York has a Dram Shop Law that allows lawsuits against establishments that illegally sell alcohol to people who then cause harm due to intoxication. Here's a breakdown of the key points: * **Seller Liability:** New York's Dram Shop Act applies to the sale or provision of alcohol by commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Here's what it prohibits: * **Selling to Minors:** Selling alcoholic beverages to anyone under 21 years old is illegal. If a minor gets intoxicated and causes harm, the vendor who served them could be liable. * **Serving Visibly Intoxicated People:** The law also prohibits establishments from selling or serving alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated. This means someone exhibiting clear signs of intoxication such as slurred speech, stumbling, or incoherent behavior. If this person then causes harm due to their intoxication, the vendor could be held liable. * **Focus on Illegal Sale:** It's important to understand that Dram Shop claims in New York focus on the illegality of the sale. This means there needs to be proof that the sale violated these points above (selling to minors or serving visibly intoxicated people). **Social Host Liability:** * New York Dram Shop Law applies primarily to commercial vendors of alcohol. There is generally no social host liability for providing alcohol to adults of legal drinking age at private gatherings. However, social hosts can be liable in specific situations, such as knowingly providing alcohol to minors. Here's a table summarizing the key points: | Scenario | Liability under New York Dram Shop Law | |---|---| | Bar serves alcohol to a visibly intoxicated patron who causes a DUI accident | Potentially Yes (if visibly intoxicated) | | Restaurant serves multiple drinks to someone who gets in a fight with another patron | Potentially Yes (if visibly intoxicated) | | Person provides alcohol at a party to a friend who is visibly intoxicated and later drives home and crashes | Not Likely (unless the friend is underage) | **Important to Note:** * Dram Shop cases in New York can be complex. The specific circumstances, evidence available (such as receipts or witness statements), and the level of intoxication will all play a role in determining liability. * Consulting with an attorney specializing in personal injury or Dram Shop Law is recommended if you believe you have a case under New York's Dram Shop Law. They can evaluate your situation and advise you on the legal options. Here are some resources for further information: * Dram Shop Law - Find An Attorney - New York City Bar Association: [](

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